“Undo Last Sort” Feature Added

“Undo Last Sort” Feature Added – Translucency

I released Version, which includes an “Undo Last Sort” feature that’s accessible in the File menu. It works for both the Advanced and Basic interfaces. The Basic interface will now also prompt you if the picture location (source) contains subfolders, and you’ll have the option of sorting them within each subfolder or pulling them out of the subfolders.

The Advanced interface now has a Current Directory property that can be added to the target path, addressing the same subfolder issue as the basic interface’s new prompt. I released this update quickly because I felt those were some key features that I overlooked. I’d like to release future updates at less frequent intervals. Less for people to keep up on.

Also, I may be switching web hosts soon. If so, hopefully everything will transfer over smooth and seamlessly. If not, I’ll keep updates posted on Facebook.



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