Just in time for Christmas…

Just in time for Christmas… – Translucency

Happy Holidays, everyone!

With Christmas almost upon us, it’s been all kinds of busy.  I think my wife and I are ready for a vacation.  =)  But I’ve still managed to make some progress on Photo Manager!  The \”Group by Event\” feature is almost completed, and I’ll be releasing a new version as soon as it’s done.

I’ve also got some new ideas brewing.  On top of the serverless chat program idea, I’ve also been thinking about creating a \”Copy Anything, Paste Anywhere\” program.  Kind of like an unlimited clipboard that can store formatted text, which could then be pasted anywhere.  For me, it’d be a place to merge a bunch of templates for various programs and provide \”templates\” for applications that don’t have any, such as things like Lync.

I also want to do a network speed tester, a WIM-mounting tool, and a tool I made at work for storing alternate credentials (administrator credentials, primarily) and launching applications in an elevated process.

Another project that may or may not come to fruition would be on Windows 8.1/Windows Phone and would involve a volume meter.  More on that later if it looks like it will pan out.  =)

For now, enjoy the holidays!


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