Feedback on Photo Manager

Feedback on Photo Manager – Translucency

I’ve gotten some good feedback on Photo Manager already. One of the major suggestions to leave files in their current subdirectory without pulling them out. I had it doing this by design, but it poses a problem when someone doesn’t know this behavior will occur, and they sort a folder that has pictures organized into subfolders by topic.

Instead, I’ll have it create the date-named folders within the subdirectories. Or I’ll try to find a non-confusing way of prompting for a selection.

This also led me to a few more thoughts. I could create an “Undo Last Sort” button. It’ll be a little tricky to create, but I think I can do it. I also realized I should include a “current directory” property in the Advanced mode, which would give the option to control the above behavior.

Lastly, I’m testing the ClickOnce technology for application installations. What it would mean is that the applications would require an install, but there wouldn’t be any security issues, and the applications would auto-update when I release new versions.


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