After is Now Open Source

I've started a complete rewrite of After, which will now be a cross-platform desktop app with a decentralized client/server architecture.  I've also open-sourced the code and moved it to GitHub.

After I have a solid foundation, I'll really focus on documentation.  Then I'll be looking for others to collaborate with me on it.


Blog Migration

... Or I can copy and paste it all manually.  Which is what I just did.  And I never want to do that again.  :)

Move to Azure Completed

After a few bumps and mishaps, I finally have everything moved to Azure.
I have to admit, it was difficult to let go of my domains at first.  It felt kinda like I was losing part of my identity.  However, in the end, content can exist anywhere, and Azure is already helping me simplify my life.
A new version of CleanShot is on the way with lots and lots of new features.  I'll be posting about that soon.  :)

Changes to Websites and Services

I'm in the process of moving all my websites and services to Azure.  There will be many interruptions to services during the transition.

Affected apps and services include the Translucency website, all applications under Downloads and Projects, the InstaTech website, the InstaTech Package Builder, and After.

All sites and services will soon be running from subdomains of *  I'll be dropping the,, and domain names once they expire.  In the meantime, they will redirect to their replicated site on Azure.  Only the http protocol will redirect properly.  I'm no longer maintaining SSL certificates for any of the domains.

This means that all the links pointing to the HTTPS versions of my websites will not work.  The Azure sites, once redirected to them, are encrypted.

Work on all of this should be completed by the end of July.  Until then, many apps will be broken until I update them to use the new services.

In the end, this will significantly reduce the cost and time required to maintain everything.

InstaTech Release

A while ago, I released "version 1" of InstaTech. I'm still debating whether I want to make a serious marketing effort just yet, or at all.

So, while I'm on the fence about that, I figured I'd at least start sharing and mentioning it. InstaTech is a suite of tools for providing IT support. It has a remote control application, live chat support, and workstation management bundled together.

The website is at, which is also available from the Projects menu above. On the Downloads page, there are prebuilt clients that are ready-to-use and are completely free for personal use.

The remote control app requires a server to connect the client app and the viewer, which is web-based. Using a server to relay the connections is how it's able to traverse NATs and firewalls without any port forwarding. The clients on the Downloads page use a server that I'm hosting, but for business use, customers will need their own server.

The Package Builder will allow you to create your own server install package that has the client applications included. Try it out on your own IIS server! Oh, and there will also be a huge update coming to Game Cloud soon. :)

Another Project

I figured I should do a quick post about what I've been working on.  I recently started a new project, which I'm calling InstaTech (  It's going to be a website for remote computer support, and I just completed the screen-sharing tools.

I'm kind of on overdrive with this project at the moment, but once I'm at a good "cruising point", I'll divert some time back to After.

Game Cloud interruption... Oops. :(

Hey, all.

If you've had problems signing into Game Cloud the past couple days, that was my fault.  The introduction of some back-end code for OurDocs caused the issue, and I failed to catch it during my testing.

I apologize if the issue has caused any inconvenience.  It should be all fixed now, but please let me know if you have anymore problems.


Updates and Goodies!

Hello, all!

I have lots of exciting updates today!  Firstly, you may have noticed another site change recently.  I added "Web Apps" to the menu so I'd have a place to add browser apps, since they don't really fit in the Downloads category.

After has been moved into there, and I've added OurDocs as well!  OurDocs is a online document collaboration app.  It allows two or more people to work on the same document at the same time.  It's kinda like "multiplayer OneNote".  It also has a chat feature and some other stuff, and I'll be adding more things as I have time.

A lot of back-end code I wrote for OurDocs applied to After as well.  While factoring in the updates, I decided I'd create a public repository on GitHub where I could share little helper methods and other pieces of code that others might find useful.  You can find it here:

I also put a lot of work into After today, and I'll be posting an update on there as well.

That's it for now!  Take care!

Site Updates!

Site Updates! – Translucency Greetings, all.

You may notice that the website looks a little different now. I finally got around to making it more mobile-friendly! Woohoo!

Is it perfect? Nope. Is it beautiful? Not really. Does it work? I think so. Will I fix it if it doesn’t? Eventually. ;)