Beta Release of Game Cloud

Beta Release of Game Cloud – Translucency

Good evening, everyone!

I’m incredibly excited to share with you all that I finally have a beta release available for my latest application: Game Cloud! Please share this with all your nerdy/gamer friends. :) I need beta testers and lots of feedback before the final release, and any additional word-of-mouth exposure would be super helpful. Head over to the downloads page to grab the portable exe.

So what is Game Cloud, you ask? Well, allow me to tell you! It’s a cloud-based storage app specifically designed for PC games. Anyone who plays games through Steam should be familiar with the concept, which they call Steam Cloud. It syncs your saved games automatically, so you can play a game on one computer and pick up where you left off on another. Game Cloud does the same thing, only it can be used for any game, not just supported Steam games.

This project has been a much larger undertaking than I had originally anticipated, but the results have been totally worth it. It’s fully functioning and ready to use. I just need to add some finishing touches, get feedback from actual users, and continue testing a little more thoroughly to make sure all the bugs have been worked out.

So please share this with your friends! I’m excited to hear what other gamers think about it and see how well it holds up to real-world use.

Thanks and goodnight!