Windows 10 Development

Windows 10 Development – Translucency

It’s been a while since I posted an update.  Wow, almost 4 months already?  I’m definitely overdue to inform my avid followers on my recent activities.  (I’m laughing maniacally to myself in a dark room downstairs while writing this to myself.)

I’ve been hard at work on my first Windows Store/Windows Phone app.  I started with the Windows 8.1 framework, but since the Windows 10 UWP (Universal Windows Platform) has recently become available, I ported it over to that.

I’m almost finished, but there are a few features I won’t be able to test until the Windows 10 Store becomes available in 4 days.  Hopefully I’ll have it wrapped up and out the door quickly.  I’m excited to experience the new Windows marketplace from a developer’s perspective!

After that, I’ll be diving into the creation of a game for the Windows 10 platform!

Edit: Oh! I almost forgot to mention. My application was accepted by Microsoft BizSpark, and they are \”sponsoring\” me in the creation of my game and other apps. They gave me a free 3-year subscription to MSDN, which lets me download and use all kinds of software for free. I also get $150 a month to spend on Windows Azure services. With Windows Azure, I can create virtual machines and other cloud services. I’m currently running 2 VMs, one to run as a server for my game and another as a development test environment. Microsoft is really kinda awesome!