New Features Added to Photo Manager

New Features Added to Photo Manager – Translucency

Photo Manager version is out, and it comes with a couple new features!  The most exciting addition, in my opinion, is the Group by Event feature.  This will let you easily group pictures by event and move them into their own folder.  Events are determined by the length of time between when one picture was taken and the next/previous.  You specify a time span, and any groups of pictures that have no gaps larger than that span will be shown to you with the option of grouping some or all of them.

While my wife was testing it out tonight, she made some really awesome suggestions for ways to improve the UI and functionality, so expect to see some refining in future updates.

Other additions include a \”Check for Updates\” command in the Help menu (geared toward the portable version) and an improved transition between the Basic and Advanced modes.  Previously, it required a restart of the application, which would cause problems if using the portable version, and you hadn’t unblocked the file.

In addition to planned updates for Photo Manager, IFFY, and EFF, I also have another application that I’ll be releasing soon.  This new program is the first WPF app I’ve made (versus Windows Forms), so I’m pretty excited about it.  I learned a lot while making it.  :)

I think that’s about it for updates.  Well, except for the fact that I’m posting from my brand new laptop that I got for Christmas!  Thanks, honey!  <3  Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas and will have a safe New Year’s!


Just in time for Christmas…

Just in time for Christmas… – Translucency

Happy Holidays, everyone!

With Christmas almost upon us, it’s been all kinds of busy.  I think my wife and I are ready for a vacation.  =)  But I’ve still managed to make some progress on Photo Manager!  The \”Group by Event\” feature is almost completed, and I’ll be releasing a new version as soon as it’s done.

I’ve also got some new ideas brewing.  On top of the serverless chat program idea, I’ve also been thinking about creating a \”Copy Anything, Paste Anywhere\” program.  Kind of like an unlimited clipboard that can store formatted text, which could then be pasted anywhere.  For me, it’d be a place to merge a bunch of templates for various programs and provide \”templates\” for applications that don’t have any, such as things like Lync.

I also want to do a network speed tester, a WIM-mounting tool, and a tool I made at work for storing alternate credentials (administrator credentials, primarily) and launching applications in an elevated process.

Another project that may or may not come to fruition would be on Windows 8.1/Windows Phone and would involve a volume meter.  More on that later if it looks like it will pan out.  =)

For now, enjoy the holidays!


IFFY and EFF Released!

IFFY and EFF Released! – Translucency

Both IFFY (I’ll Find Files for You) and EFF (Empty Folder Finder) are available for download!

IFFY can help you find misplaced files by performing searches based on answers to simple questions. There are also advanced filters for narrowing your search.

EFF searches for empty folders, typically left behind by software uninstalls, so you can remove them. It’s mainly for picky people like me who like to keep their file system extremely tidy. There are also options for finding nearly-empty folders.

Check ’em out!


Photo Manager Version Released

Photo Manager Version Released – Translucency

Photo Manager version is up for download! The most notable change is the addition of the \”Fix Dates\” feature in the Advanced interface. Allow me to explain its purpose…

If the date setting on a digital camera is incorrect, all the pictures it takes will have an inaccurate timestamp. There’s no way to tell (electronically speaking) that the picture was not in fact taken on that incorrect date. The only way to know would be because you took the picture and you remember when it was. But after a handful of years, will you still remember?

That’s where this feature comes in. You point it at a folder, and it loads all pictures into a spreadsheet-type window. On the left, you see the file name, the camera that took the picture (extracted from metadata), and when it was supposedly taken. If the date’s wrong, you can select the actual date from a calendar, and it will fix the date for you in the metadata. It will also prompt you if you want to fix other pictures automatically that were taken by the same camera. It won’t use the exact date you picked, but instead compute the number of days that the camera’s date is off by and apply that difference to all the pictures.

The code I used to write the metadata was a bit tricky, and it was difficult to find good references online, so I’ll share a snippet here. I think I’ll do a full discussion on this in another post.


var SourcePath = ThisRow.Cells[\"FullPath\"].Value.ToString();
System.Drawing.Imaging.PropertyItem DateTaken = null;

TimeSpan DateDifference = dateFixDates.Value - DateTime.Parse(ThisRow.Cells[\"DateTaken\"].Value.ToString());
Image ImageObj = Image.FromFile(SourcePath);

    DateTaken = ImageObj.GetPropertyItem(36867);
    DateTaken.Value = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(dateFixDates.Value.ToString(\"yyyy:MMd HH:mm:ss\"));
    DateTaken = ImageObj.PropertyItems[0];
    DateTaken.Id = 36867;
    DateTaken.Value = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(dateFixDates.Value.ToString(\"yyyy:MMd HH:mm:ss\"));



ImageObj.Save(SourcePath + \".fixed\");


ImageObj = null;


File.Move(SourcePath + \".fixed\", SourcePath);

ThisRow.Cells[\"FixedDate\"].Value = dateFixDates.Value;

Photo Manager Version Released – Translucency

IFFY (I’ll Find Files for You) and Translucent PE are finished and will be up for download soon. I’ll explain those later.

Also, I’m using this new blogging system called Chyrp, which I’m really loving. Feel free to register or leave comments!